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The legal tech landscape is quickly evolving—here’s The Legal Practice’s 2023 roundup of the most forward-thinking legal tech consultants, speakers, entrepreneurs, and advisors who are shaping the world of legal technology this year:

1. Richard Susskind

Richard is an author, speaker, and advisor on the future of legal services. He has written several books, including "The Future of Law" and his most recent book "Tomorrow's Lawyers”, where he makes predictions of an AI-based global legal business that spurs a whole new range of law jobs.

He has spoken at numerous conferences and is recognized as an expert in legal technology and innovation. 


2. Ari Kaplan

Ari is a legal industry analyst, speaker, and author. He has written books such as "The Opportunity Maker" and "Reinventing Professional Services." Ari is known for his expertise in legal technology, business development, and legal marketing. 

He hosts the Reinventing Professionals podcast, which is focused on offering unique ideas and perspectives on the new technologies in the legal landscape.


3. Nicole Black

Nicole is an attorney, author, and legal technology evangelist. She has written books such as "Cloud Computing for Lawyers" and "Social Media for Lawyers." Nicole frequently speaks at legal conferences and is a recognized voice in legal tech. 

Nicole is the Senior Director SME and External Education at MyCase (a cloud-based law practice management software provider for small law firms).


4. Dennis Kennedy

Dennis is a legal technology advisor, author, and speaker. He has written books such as "The Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies" and "Successful Legal Analysis and Writing." 

His current consulting includes the Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory as well as Legal Innovation as a Service (LIaas), and Panel Convergence Advisory Services.

Dennis has spoken at various legal tech conferences and provides consulting services. 

You can listen to Dennis’ podcast, the Kennedy-Mighel Report, which aims to educate lawyers on how technology can be used to improve services, interactions with clients, and overall workflow optimization.


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5. Monica Bay

Monica Bay is a journalist, lawyer and provocateur. She is a member of the California bar. Monica is a Fellow at CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, focusing on the CodeX Blog.

In 2015, Monica retired at ALM after 30 years. She was editor-in-chief of ALM's Law Technology News for 17 years in New York. Before that, she was senior editor in San Francisco at The Recorder for 13 years, where she covered the organized bar. Monica has spoken at numerous law tech conferences and provides consulting services in the field.

She also writes for Thomson Reuters; Legaltech News (ALM); and others. She is co-host of the Law Technology Now podcast, with Sean La Roque-Doherty, for Legal Talk Network. Monica focuses on legal technology innovation and startups, access to justice, the courts, diversity and immigration. 

Monica's LinkedIn profile:

6. Mary E. Juetten

Mary is an attorney, author, and legal technology entrepreneur. She is the founder of Traklight, a software platform that helps businesses protect their intellectual property. She also co-founded Evolve Law to accelerate the adoption of technology within the legal industry and she sold it to legal news site Above the Law in March 2018.

Mary has spoken at various legal and technology conferences and has written the book "Small Law Firm KPIs: How to Measure Your Way to Greater Profits." 

She specializes in leading companies in transition or start-up phase and creating sustainable operational and financial growth.


7. Mark A. Cohen

Mark is a legal industry consultant, speaker, and writer. He focuses on legal innovation, legal operations, and the future of the legal profession. Mark has contributed to several legal publications and is the founder of Legal Mosaic, a legal consulting firm which he founded to provide a holistic perspective of the legal industry and ecosystem.

He’s also the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of The Digital Legal Exchange, a global not-for-profit organization created to teach, apply, and scale digital principles to the legal function and facilitate greater integration of corporate legal teams with the businesses they serve.

Mark has authored three ebooks and has contributed to Bloomberg Law, The ABA Journal, The American Lawyer, Legal Business World, The Canadian Bar Journal, and Economist Impact.


8. Dan Lear

Dan is an attorney, legal technology advisor, blogger, and speaker. He specializes in legal operations, legal project management, and legal innovation and has advised technology companies ranging from startups to Fourtune 500. 

Dan has spoken at various legal conferences, including Legaltech and ABA TECHSHOW, and is known for his thought leadership in legal tech.


9. Bob Ambrogi

Bob is a lawyer, journalist, and legal technology consultant. Bob writes the award-winning blog LawSites, is a columnist for Above the Law and the ABA Journal, and hosts the podcast about innovation in law, LawNext. He also works with the legal publishing and software company LexBlog as publisher and editor-in-chief. 

 Bob has spoken at numerous legal conferences, including the ABA TECHSHOW, and is recognized for his expertise in legal technology and legal innovation.

Bob's LinkedIn Profile:

10. Casey Flaherty

Casey is an attorney, author, legal operations consultant, and twice-over legal technology company founder. He focuses on legal project management, legal technology adoption, and process improvement in law firms and legal departments. 

He is the Co-Founder and serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at the LexFusion, a portfolio of innovative legal companies that provides legal tech consulting.

Casey has spoken at legal tech conferences, including ILTA and CLOC, and has written the book "Unless You Ask: A Guide for Law Departments to Get More from External Relationships."

Casey's LinkedIn profile:

11. Andrew Arruda

Andrew is a legal technology entrepreneur and co-founder of ROSS Intelligence, an AI-powered legal research platform. He has spoken at various legal and technology conferences and is recognized for his work in applying AI to the legal industry.


12. Joshua Lenon

Joshua is a legal technology strategist and lawyer. He has worked with Clio, a leading practice management software company, and is known for his expertise in legal ethics, technology, and innovation. Joshua has spoken at conferences such as ABA TECHSHOW and is involved in legal tech community engagement.

Joshua's LinkedIn Profile:

13. Chad Burton

Chad is an attorney, legal technology advisor, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of CuroLegal, a legal technology consulting and development firm. Chad focuses on legal operations, legal technology strategy, and law firm innovation. 

Chad regularly speak around the country on topics related to legal technology, virtual law office practice and the future of the legal profession, and has been featured and quoted in publications like the ABA Journal, the Atlantic, Inc., and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

He was also named to the Fastcase 50 list of global legal innovators and received an award by ALM for the Most Innovative Use of Technology for Law Firms.

Chad's LinkedIn profile:

14. Alma Asay

Alma is an attorney and legal technology entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Allegory, a litigation management and collaboration platform. Alma has spoken at legal tech conferences, including the ABA TECHSHOW, and is recognized for her contributions to legal technology and litigation support.

Alma's LinkedIn profile:

15. Aviva Cuyler

Aviva is a legal technology entrepreneur and co-founder of JD Supra, a leading platform for legal content and thought leadership. She is passionate about legal marketing, content strategy, and helping lawyers leverage technology.

Aviva's LinkedIn profile:

16. Catherine Krow

Catherine is an attorney and legal technology entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Digitory Legal, a legal pricing and project management platform. Catherine focuses on legal operations, alternative fee arrangements, and leveraging data analytics in legal services.

Catherine's LinkedIn profile:

17. Michael Mills

Michael is a legal technology strategist and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Neota Logic, an AI-powered platform for building legal and compliance applications. 

Michael focuses on the intersection of law, technology, and business strategy. He’s regarded as a trusted executive legal business partner and legal advisor with expertise in supporting technology companies (startup to Fortune 500) who has assembled and developed highly respected world-class legal teams.

Michael's LinkedIn profile:

18. Andrew King

Andrew is a legal technology consultant and the founder of E-Discovery Consulting, LegaTech Hub, Legal Innovate. He specializes in e-discovery, data management, and litigation support. Andrew has worked with law firms and corporations to implement efficient e-discovery processes and technology solutions.

Andrew's LinkedIn profile:

19. David Curle

David is a legal technology analyst and consultant. He has extensive experience in legal market research and analysis, focusing on legal technology trends and innovation. David has worked with organizations such as Thomson Reuters and is recognized for his insights into the intersection of law and technology.


Ben Aston
By Ben Aston

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