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With decades of experience in legal tech, I know the ins and outs of the industry. Today, I'll share an in-depth Appara review. My analysis is meant to offer a clear, straightforward look at the features, functionality, and overall value of this corporate legal software. Whether you're new to legal tech or a seasoned professional, this review aims to provide all the information you need to decide if this software aligns with your specific requirements.

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Organize all your tasks with Appara corporate legal solution.

Appara Product Overview

Appara is a leading provider of entity management software in the legal industry. It serves law firms and legal teams focusing on corporate legal, real estate, and estate planning and administration services. The software enhances legal entity management by ensuring compliance and improving operational efficiency. Appara addresses critical pain points by offering secure cloud-based storage for easy access to records, automating workflows from drafting to closing, and generating customizable documents with AI. Its standout features include entity management, workflow automation, and document automation.


  • Document Generation: Quickly create unique, customizable documents in minutes using your own precedents.
  • Robust Security: Passed an independent audit for ISO security standards compliance and undergoes annual reviews to maintain accreditation.
  • Legal Entity Management: A seamlessly integrated platform provides comprehensive legal entity management across various practice areas.


  • Complex Pricing: Given the robust offerings and multi-practice support, the pricing structure, while transparent, can be complex.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Some advanced features may require a substantial amount of time and training to master fully.
  • Inconsistent Support: Depending on the issue, customer support may not always provide prompt or effective resolutions.

Expert Opinion

In my assessment, Appara stands out for its robust feature set tailored to the legal industry, excelling in document automation, secure cloud storage, and comprehensive entity management. It outperforms competitors with its ability to generate customizable documents quickly and its adherence to ISO security standards, yet it faces challenges with complex pricing and a steep learning curve that may deter some users. Appara is best suited for larger law firms and legal teams that require depth in entity management and can invest time in mastering its advanced features, despite potential hurdles in pricing and onboarding.

Appara: The Bottom Line

What stands out about Appara compared to similar software is its strong focus on user experience and security. These priorities align with the daily needs of legal professionals and modern legal firms who handle complex legal transactions. Appara's commitment to providing AI-driven insights is also noteworthy, offering a more intelligent and analytical approach to legal processes. These aspects combined shape Appara into a distinct option within the corporate legal software market, making it a worthwhile consideration for those looking for a balance between ease of use, innovation, and robust data protection.

Appara Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Document Automation - Yes
  2. Workflow Automation - Yes
  3. Legal Entity Management - Yes
  4. Compliance Tracking - Yes
  5. Integration with DocuSign and Adobesign - Yes
  6. Client Relationship Management (CRM) - Yes
  7. Secure Storage of Sensitive Data - Yes
  8. Real Estate Legal Management - Yes
  9. Estate Planning Functionality - Yes
  10. Practice Area Customization - Yes
  11. Ecommerce Law Support - No
  12. Integration with Microsoft Tools - Yes
  13. Cloud-based Platform - Yes
  14. Social Media Management - No
  15. AI-powered Analytics - Yes
  16. Collaboration Tools - Yes
  17. Case Management - Yes
  18. Time Tracking - Yes
  19. Legal Billing - Yes
  20. Contract Management - Yes
  21. Integration with LinkedIn - No
  22. Mobile Application - No
  23. Multi-language Support - No
  24. High-Quality Customer Support - Yes
  25. No Reviews (Community Feedback) - No

Feature Overview

  1. End-to-End Legal Entity Management: Save time, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce unnecessary errors by completing transactions all within Appara thanks to a seamlessly integrated platform.
  2. Workflow Automation: Tackle entire transactions, from drafting to closing.
  3. Document Customization Abilities: Align Appara’s outputs with firm precedents by customizing documents, document packages, and clauses.
  4. Closing Book Tool: Expedite tracking signatures and closings using a flexible Closing Book, no matter how the process works (e.g., e-Sign, email, or wet signature).
  5. Virtual Minute Book Compilation and Dynamic Ledgers & Registers: Automatically create Virtual Minute Books and dynamic ledgers and registers as transactions are completed.
  6. Compliance, Deadline Tracking & Bulk Packages: Optimize day-to-day administration with automated alerts, reminders, and bulk processing.
  7. Diagramming Tool: Effortlessly generate step plan diagrams based on inputs with the "Appara Pro" diagramming tool - perfectly suited for complex transactional work.

Standout Functionality

  1. Versatile Legal Platform Encompassing Diverse Practice Areas: Extend the value of data; enhance inter-practice collaboration by unlocking connected, practice-specific solutions.
  2. Multi-Step, Multi-Entity Transactions: Streamline processes and minimize errors by executing multi-step, multi-entity transactions within a single matter.
  3. Secure Data Storage & Sharing: Keep data safe with a market-leading ISO compliant platform; securely housed within Microsoft Azure servers.


Appara provides native integrations with Microsoft and Google, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. It also provides practice-specific integrations for solutions, such as the Real Estate solution's integration with Stewart Title, and Treefort. Appara also integrates with Soluno and various registries. It continues to evolve and expand integrations to better service the needs of law firms.


Appara's pricing plans are competitive, offering value for the features provided. Additional costs may include onboarding or specialized add-ons or tools.

Pricing starts at $100/month: The Appara Platform is designed to meet the needs of various law firms. Most pricing is based on the volume of work achieved with Appara, and aligning the success of firms with the use of Appara.

(Appara does not offer "tiered" pricing or a conventional SaaS model. It is closely aligned with the specific services that law firms provide.)

Ease of Use

Appara is found to be relatively user-friendly, despite potential initial complexities due to its comprehensive feature set. The onboarding process facilitates new user adaptation, and tool navigation is designed to be intuitive. Mastering specialized functions, such as document generation, may necessitate a brief learning period.

Customer Support

I perceive the quality of customer support from Appara as satisfactory. They provide quick response times through channels like documentation, webinars, live chat, and tutorials. A lack of community reviews and feedback might be a point of concern for some users.

Appara Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Appara?

Appara is designed to save time, eliminate mundane tasks, and provide legal professionals the freedom to focus on what matters—whether that's firm growth or spending more time with family. It is suited for modern legal professionals and law firms aiming to digitize or evolve their technology infrastructure, centralize work onto one platform, and offer a better experience for their team and clients.

Who would be a bad fit for Appara?

Appara is best suited for firms specializing in corporate, real estate, and estate services. It is not a good fit for firms focusing on family or case law. Although Appara provides solutions for firms of all sizes, it is particularly well-suited for growing teams up to large firms and organizations.

Appara FAQs

Alternatives to Appara

  • Dye & Durham: This platform is particularly favored for its comprehensive legal solutions, making it a better option for firms that require extensive legal compliance and document management features alongside entity management.
  • MinuteBox: Shines for businesses looking for a user-friendly interface with strong cloud-based document storage and management capabilities, making it ideal for those prioritizing ease of use and accessibility.
  • Athennian: Often preferred for its robust automation and integration features, which can be particularly beneficial for companies looking to streamline their entity management processes and integrate with other business systems.

Appara Company Overview & History

Appara, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, was born from the frustration of legal professionals struggling with outdated, disjointed technology. Its founders saw the pain points of duplicated effort and lack of a central document platform. They partnered with legal experts, tech innovators, and consultants to build the Appara Platform – combining practice-specific solutions that save time, reduce repetitive tasks, and let legal professionals prioritize what matters. Appara embodies the power of technology to reshape the legal field, constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern practice.


Appara's comprehensive suite of features tailored for the legal sector makes it a powerful tool for entity management, despite its complex pricing and learning curve. It is highly recommended for law firms and legal departments that prioritize security, efficiency, and compliance in their operations. I invite users to share their experiences with Appara in the comments, providing further insights and perspectives on its performance and usability.

I invite readers to comment and share their experiences, and also to check our legal tools section to learn more about all the benefits you can get from these solutions.

By Ben Aston

Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed.

Since 2011, he has been evaluating, reviewing, and helping to recommend software through hundreds of articles across the company's influential digital publications, seeking to make technical workplace topics fun and easier to understand.