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With decades of experience in legal tech, I've examined countless software solutions. Today, I'll share an in-depth Casefox review where I detail features, pricing, usability, and support to provide you with the necessary insights. By the end of this review, you'll have the information to decide if Casefox is the right software for your needs.

casefox review - dashboard screenshot
With Casefox you get updated statistics about your activity as a legal professional.

Casefox Product Overview

Casefox is a legal billing software designed to streamline time tracking and invoicing processes. Its target users include law firms, solo practitioners, and other legal professionals. The tool benefits users by efficiently handling billing, document management, and case-related tasks. The main pain points this software resolves center around time-consuming manual tasks related to billing and management. Its best features include a user-friendly interface, robust reporting, and integration with many legal tools.


  • User Interface: Casefox offers an intuitive user interface, making navigation and task management simple for legal professionals.
  • Robust Reporting: The software provides detailed reporting functionality, which enables firms to analyze and monitor financial performance easily.
  • Tool Integration: Casefox supports integration with a wide array of other legal tools, aiding in a more streamlined workflow within legal environments.


  • Limited Customization: Casefox has restricted customization options, constraining the ability to tailor the software fully to a firm's specific needs.
  • Support Issues: Some users have reported delays or inconsistencies in support, potentially hindering the resolution of critical issues.
  • Integration Complexity: While offering various integrations, Casefox's integration process can be complex, which might challenge some users.

Expert Opinion

In judging Casefox against other legal billing software, it manifests a blend of strengths and weaknesses. Its user-friendly interface, detailed reporting, and broad integration capabilities set it apart. However, its limitations in customization, support response, and the complexity of some integrations might be deterrents for some users. In my opinion, Casefox outperforms in reporting and interface but underperforms in customization and support. It's best suited for small to medium-sized law firms that prioritize ease of use and reporting capabilities.

Casefox: The Bottom Line

What sets Casefox apart from similar software is its focus on user experience, combined with strong reporting and integration capabilities. Its unique selling point lies in the simple navigation paired with robust analysis features, which could support firms in tracking their financial growth and efficiency. The emphasis on a user-friendly interface without sacrificing the depth of functionality makes it a noteworthy choice for legal professionals looking to streamline their billing and case management processes.

Casefox Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Time Tracking - Yes
  2. Invoicing - Yes
  3. Legal Billing - Yes
  4. Integrations (e.g., QuickBooks) - Yes
  5. Case Management - Yes
  6. Document Management - Yes
  7. Trust Accounting - Yes
  8. Expense Tracking - Yes
  9. Client Portal - Yes
  10. Conflict Checking - Yes
  11. Mobile Access (Android, iOS) - Yes
  12. Customizable Reporting - Yes
  13. Workflow Automation - Yes
  14. Payment Processing (e.g., PayPal) - Yes
  15. Multi-language Support - No
  16. Security Compliance - Yes
  17. Easy-to-Use Interface - Yes
  18. Dropbox Integration - Yes
  19. Google Drive Integration - Yes
  20. Xero Integration - Yes
  21. Multi-Currency Support - Yes
  22. Customer Support (e.g., Livechat) - Yes
  23. Legal Case Management - Yes
  24. Customizable Templates - No
  25. Role-Based Access Control - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Time Tracking: Casefox offers a simple yet comprehensive time tracking feature, supporting both billable and non-billable hours, making it distinctively user-friendly.
  2. Invoicing: The invoicing module is efficient, allowing batch invoicing and LEDES billing, offering flexibility to the users.
  3. Legal Billing: The legal billing functionality integrates smoothly with timekeeping and invoicing, which sets it apart by its synchronization.
  4. Case Management: This feature is designed for an intuitive experience, making it easier for law firms to keep track of every detail of their cases.
  5. Document Management: Casefox supports integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, offering a unified platform for document management.
  6. Trust Accounting: This critical feature maintains trust accounts in compliance with regulations, offering peace of mind to legal professionals.
  7. Expense Tracking: The ability to link expenses directly to cases offers more detailed and accurate financial reporting.
  8. Client Portal: The client portal enables easy communication and file sharing with clients, making interactions more streamlined.
  9. Conflict Checking: An invaluable feature, conflict checking allows legal professionals to prevent ethical conflicts and comply with legal standards.
  10. Mobile Access: Available on both Android and iOS, this ensures accessibility and flexibility for the users, which is not common among all competitors.
casefox legal management software active client view
Obtain information about each case or client that you have under your legal activity.

Standout Functionality

  1. Integration with Cloud Storage: Casefox's ability to seamlessly integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox is a standout feature, allowing for effortless document management.
  2. Comprehensive Time Tracking: The software's meticulous time tracking functionality that incorporates non-billable hours offers a broader perspective of time management.
  3. LEDES Billing: Unlike many competitors, Casefox's invoicing supports LEDES billing format, serving the specialized needs of the legal industry.


  1. Native Integrations: Casefox integrates with QuickBooks, Google Drive, Dropbox, Xero, LawPay, PayPal, offering diverse functionality.
  2. API: Casefox provides an API, allowing custom integrations to extend the platform's capabilities.
  3. Add-Ons: Various add ons can be utilized to further tailor the software to the needs of different law practices.


  • Free Tier: $0/user/month for basic features.
  • Silver Plan: $25/user/month (billed annually) for standard features.
  • Gold Plan: $45/user/month for advanced features and integrations, (min 5 seats).
  • Platinum Plan: Pricing upon request for complete features, (+ $49 base fee per month).

Casefox's pricing is considered mid-range compared to similar tools.

Ease of Use

Casefox offers an easy-to-use interface that includes efficient onboarding. Some complexities may arise during integrations, but overall navigation is user-friendly.

Customer Support

Customer support by Casefox includes live chat, webinars, and tutorials. Some delays have been reported in response times, causing frustration among some users.

Casefox Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Casefox?

Law firms, small businesses, freelancers in the legal field will find Casefox fitting, particularly those needing robust time tracking, document management, and integrations.

Who would be a bad fit for Casefox?

Larger enterprises or those requiring extensive customization might find Casefox less suitable.

Casefox FAQs

What integrations are available with Casefox?

Casefox offers integrations with QuickBooks, Dropbox, Google Drive, Xero, PayPal, and LawPay.

Is Casefox available on mobile devices?

Yes, Casefox is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

How does Casefox handle trust accounting?

Casefox offers a comprehensive trust accounting feature that complies with legal regulations.

Can I track both billable and non-billable hours with Casefox?

Yes, Casefox allows tracking of both billable and non-billable hours.

Does Casefox offer a free trial or free tier?

Yes, Casefox offers a free tier with basic features.

How is customer support provided by Casefox?

Customer support includes live chat, webinars, documentation, and tutorials.

Casefox stands out with its LEDES billing, integrations with cloud storage, and comprehensive time tracking.

Is there a minimum number of seats for some pricing tiers?

Yes, the Gold Plan requires a minimum of 5 seats.

Alternatives to Casefox:

  • Clio: Offers advanced customization, best suited for those needing extensive adaptability. Learn more about its features in this Clio review article I wrote.
  • TimeSolv: Known for superior customer support and a wide array of features.
  • FreshBooks: Simplified invoicing and ease of use make it ideal for smaller practices.

Casefox Company Overview & History

Casefox is a provider of legal billing and case management software that serves the unique needs of law firms, legal professionals, freelancers, and small businesses. As a SaaS provider focusing on legal technology, Casefox has made a mark in the industry by offering comprehensive features like timekeeping, invoicing, legal billing, trust accounting, and seamless integrations with tools such as QuickBooks, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Since its inception, Casefox has been committed to streamlining legal practices with user-friendly and efficient solutions, growing to become a notable name in the field of legal tech.


In my analysis of Casefox, it emerges as a comprehensive tool for law practice and legal case management. With features like timekeeping, invoicing, legal billing, integrations with QuickBooks, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more, it caters to various needs. Its standout functionalities such as LEDES billing and cloud-based integrations set it apart.

Feel free to comment and share your experiences with this software. We also have more content related to other legal tools.

By Ben Aston

Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed.

Since 2011, he has been evaluating, reviewing, and helping to recommend software through hundreds of articles across the company's influential digital publications, seeking to make technical workplace topics fun and easier to understand.