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Greetings. I've spent a good part of my life deeply rooted in legal tech. With a firm hand on tech developments and software, I've been there, and done that. In this in-depth review of Logikcull eDiscovery software, I aim to lend you my lens. From the nitty-gritty details to broad strokes, we'll cover all you need to decide if Logikcull fits your bill. By the end of this, you'll have a firm grasp of what this web-based platform can offer. Shall we get started?

Logikcull review - Logikcull Project Management Dashboard
This is the Logikcull project management project dashboard view.

Logikcull eDiscovery Software Overview

Logikcull is a software that provides eDiscovery and legal services. Lawyers, paralegals, and legal teams use it to efficiently manage case data. The tool benefits users by streamlining the process of document production, search and review, thus resolving the pain point of handling vast amounts of data manually. Its best features include drag-and-drop simplicity, robust search capabilities, and automatic document management.


  • Simplicity: Logikcull makes eDiscovery straightforward, enabling users to upload, process, and review data with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Search Capabilities: The software stands out with its powerful search engine, facilitating quick location of relevant documents in a vast dataset.
  • Auto-Organization: Automatic document categorization is a strength of Logikcull, assisting in managing and making sense of large volumes of data.


  • Pricing: Logikcull might prove costly for small firms, as its feature-rich offering aligns more with the budget of larger organizations.
  • Onboarding: Initial setup requires a bit of a learning curve, which might challenge users who aren't tech-savvy.
  • Integration Limitations: While it integrates well with popular applications, it falls short in offering a wider range of integration options.

Expert Opinion

I've experienced and scrutinized many eDiscovery software in my career. Judging from a standpoint of vast legal tech exposure, I find that Logikcull hits many nails right on the head. Its simplicity, robust search capabilities, and auto-organization features stand out, placing it on par with, if not ahead of, other tools in terms of functionality and user experience. Pricing might be a hurdle for some smaller firms, and it could expand its integration options. The initial learning curve is something to keep in mind. Based on its feature set and performance, Logikcull finds its match in mid to large-sized legal teams where handling voluminous case data is a norm.

Logikcull: The Bottom Line

What sets Logikcull apart from similar software is its uncanny simplicity in handling complex eDiscovery tasks. Its drag-and-drop feature that simplifies data uploading and processing is not something you come across in every tool. The robust search engine is another distinguishing factor that allows users to sift through enormous datasets with relative ease. Automatic document categorization is particularly good, as it adds a layer of convenience for users struggling with unorganized data. All these features come together to make Logikcull a noteworthy solution in the crowded eDiscovery software market.

Logikcull Deep Dive

Product Specifications

Common Features of eDiscovery Software and Logikcull's Presence include:

  1. Document Processing - Yes
  2. Data Collection - Yes
  3. Advanced Search - Yes
  4. Data Filtering - Yes
  5. Data Culling Intelligence - Yes
  6. Document Review - Yes
  7. Tagging and Annotations - Yes
  8. Redaction and transcription - Yes
  9. Bates Numbering - Yes
  10. Case Management - Yes
  11. Production Sets - Yes
  12. Reports and Analytics - Yes
  13. Email Thread Analysis - Yes
  14. Native File Review - Yes
  15. Predictive Coding (Technology Assisted Review) - Yes
  16. Multi-factor Authentication - Yes
  17. User Permission Levels - Yes
  18. Automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) - Yes
  19. Audit Trail - Yes
  20. Multi-language Support - Yes
  21. Data Encryption - Yes
  22. Integration with Third-party Tools - Yes
  23. Mobile Access - Yes, you can enter from any mobile device
  24. Compliance Tracking - Yes
  25. API Availability - Yes

Feature Overview

Advanced search builder tool of Logikcull
Here's a screenshot of the advanced search builder tool of Logikcull.
  1. Document Processing: Logikcull processes a broad array of file types quickly, turning them into searchable and sortable data.
  2. Data Collection: Logikcull offers comprehensive data collection across multiple sources and batches the data and documents in group, ensuring a thorough and efficient eDiscovery process.
  3. Advanced Search: With Logikcull, users can perform complex searches across the entire dataset using multiple parameters, enhancing precision in data retrieval.
  4. Data Filtering: Logikcull provides robust data filtering options, aiding users in narrowing down the datasets to the most relevant ones.
  5. Data Culling: The platform's culling capabilities help users in reducing the data volume, saving time and costs.
  6. Document Review: Logikcull's document review is efficient, featuring real-time collaboration and review tools like tagging and commenting.
  7. Predictive Coding: Logikcull's predictive coding uses AI to help identify relevant documents, enhancing the efficiency of the review process. This is a great tech support tool which not all eDiscovery solutions have.
  8. Compliance Tracking: Logikcull helps firms stay compliant with privacy regulations with its advanced compliance tracking feature.
  9. Integration with Third-party Tools: Logikcull provides seamless integration with various third-party tools, offering enhanced operational flexibility.
  10. API Availability: Logikcull's robust API allows users to customize and extend the platform's functionality, meeting specific needs.

Standout Functionality

  1. AI-powered Predictive Coding: Unlike many other eDiscovery tools, Logikcull uses AI-driven predictive coding to identify relevant documents, increasing review efficiency and the automation of many processes.
  2. Instant Document Processing: Logikcull offers instantaneous document processing, which is a significant advantage over other tools that may take hours or even days for the same.
  3. Superior Compliance Tracking: Logikcull's robust compliance tracking goes beyond industry norms, ensuring firms can better manage their regulatory obligations.


Logikcull provides out-of-the-box integrations with various platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Office 365, and GSuite. These integrations allow for more efficient data collection, indexing, and culling across diverse data sources. Logikcull offers an API, enabling users to build custom integrations to extend its capabilities, meeting their specific needs. There are also several add-ons available that allow users to expand Logikcull's functionalities even further, enhancing the overall user experience.


Logikcull offers straightforward pricing that is generally competitive with other tools on the market. Logikcull charges per matter, meaning that the price you pay depends on the number of cases you handle rather than the number of users accessing the system.

There are two main plans:

  • Pay-as-you-go: This charges $40 per GB/month. It allows unlimited users and data uploads, instant discovery, and 24/7 support. This plan is suitable for those who only have occasional eDiscovery needs.
  • Subscription: This pricing is a custom, flat-rate annual subscription designed for organizations with regular eDiscovery needs. It includes everything in the Pay-as-you-go plan and more. The exact price is determined by the needs of the organization and is available upon request.
  • Free plan: This is a 14-day free trial that includes all the features of the Pay-as-you-go plan. This plan is for those who want to test out the software before making a commitment.

I find no requirement for a minimum number of seats or any additional setup fees.

Ease of Use

As I interact with Logikcull, I find it remarkably user-friendly. Its interface is clean and intuitive, which facilitates navigation and the organization of documents and metadata. The onboarding process is well-designed with guides and tutorials, making it easy for new users to get started.

However, while the basic functionalities are quite straightforward, complex searches may require some learning. Understanding how to use the search syntax effectively can take some time and practice, but once mastered, it allows for highly targeted results.

Customer Support

In my experience, Logikcull provides high-quality customer support. They offer 24/7 support and a wealth of resources such as documentation, webinars, and tutorials. The response times are fast, and the support staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

However, some customers have reported occasional delays in response times during peak hours or when dealing with more complex inquiries. Despite these minor issues, the general consensus appears to be that Logikcull offers robust support for its users.

Logikcull Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Logikcull?

If you're an organization or legal firm dealing with large volumes of data and frequently engaged in litigation, Logikcull is a tool you'll likely find beneficial for you legal hold processes. Its robust search functionalities, visual data mapping, and collaborative features are ideal for teams that need to handle complex eDiscovery processes in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Many of Logikcull's most loyal customers are mid to large-sized law firms and organizations from various industries. These users value Logikcull for its ability to handle complex cases, multi-user collaboration, and scalable data storage.

Who would be a bad fit for Logikcull?

Logikcull might not be the best fit for individuals or small teams with infrequent eDiscovery needs. Given its robust feature set and pricing model, it could be seen as overkill for those with simpler or less frequent eDiscovery tasks.

Logikcull FAQs

Is there a minimum commitment for Logikcull's Subscription plan?

The Subscription plan requires a custom annual commitment.

Does Logikcull have any user limitations?

No, Logikcull allows unlimited users regardless of the plan chosen.

Does Logikcull support data encryption?

Yes, Logikcull supports data encryption at rest and in transit.

Can Logikcull process different data formats?

Yes, Logikcull can process a variety of data formats including emails, Word documents, PDFs, and more.

Is there customer support available for Logikcull users?

Yes, Logikcull offers 24/7 customer support for all users.

Alternatives to Logikcull

  • Relativity: If you're looking for advanced analytical tools and AI capabilities, Relativity could be a better fit. It offers a broader feature set, particularly in its advanced analytics and predictive coding capabilities.
  • Exterro: Exterro offers a similar eDiscovery platform but stands out with its robust project management features, making it a better fit for organizations with complex project management needs.
  • Everlaw: If you prioritize intuitive design and visualization capabilities, Everlaw might suit you better. It offers similar features to Logikcull but stands out with its visual data mapping and storytelling tools.

Logikcull Company Overview & History

Logikcull is a leading provider of cloud-based eDiscovery software, serving a wide range of organizations, including law firms, corporations, and government agencies. The company operates independently and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Founded in 2004 by Andy Wilson and Sheng Yang, Logikcull's mission is to "reveal what's in data so legal teams can do what they do best." They aim to make the process of discovery much simpler and more accessible.


Throughout this Logikcull review, I've explored Logikcull's robust features, user-friendly interface, and high-quality customer support. Its comprehensive eDiscovery capabilities make it a strong choice for mid to large-sized organizations or legal firms dealing with complex cases.

Whether Logikcull is a good fit for you will ultimately depend on your specific eDiscovery needs. I encourage you to share your experiences and thoughts about Logikcull. If you want to read other articles related to law practice tools, click here.

By Ben Aston

Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed.

Since 2011, he has been evaluating, reviewing, and helping to recommend software through hundreds of articles across the company's influential digital publications, seeking to make technical workplace topics fun and easier to understand.