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12 Best Conflict Check Software Shortlist

Here's my shortlist of the very best conflict check software for law firms in 2023:

  1. ActionStep - Best for law firm workflow streamlining
  2. Lawmatics - Best for client relationship management
  3. Docketwise - Best for immigration case management
  4. Centerbase - Best for personalized legal platform design
  5. eIMMIGRATION - Best for immigration forms and compliance
  6. Smokeball - Best for cloud-based case management
  7. CosmoLex - Best for integrated legal accounting
  8. App4Legal - Best for multilingual law firm management
  9. MyCase - Best for client communication and collaboration
  10. Filevine - Best for legal project management
  11. PracticePanther - Best for time tracking and billing
  12. Clio - Best for comprehensive legal practice management

Navigating the legal landscape can be tricky, especially when it comes to identifying opposing parties and potential conflicts of interest. I've found that conflict check software is an invaluable tool. It not only streamlines the process of managing conflicts, but it also enhances profitability by saving time and reducing risks when accepting a new case.

The main challenges this software addresses are the complexity and time-consuming nature of manual conflict checks. With conflict check software in your arsenal, you're poised to make more informed decisions quickly and confidently.

What Is a Conflict Check Software?

Conflict check software is a specialized tool used predominantly by law firms and legal professionals. It is designed to identify and prevent conflicts of interest that can jeopardize a firm's ethical standing or cause potential legal issues.

By systematically checking new clients, cases, and other variables against the existing database of firm data, it aids in maintaining professional standards and legal compliance. Essentially, this software serves to safeguard the integrity of legal practices, protect client interests, and uphold the firm's reputation by avoiding any potential conflicts.

Overviews of the 12 Best Conflict Check Software

1. ActionStep - Best for law firm workflow streamlining

Home page of ActionStep conflict check software interface
Here's ActionStep's homepage, which has an advanced task management capability.

ActionStep is a comprehensive software designed to streamline the workflows of law firms. It's a smart system that lets you manage cases, documents, billing, conflict check, and accounting all in one place, truly earning its place as best for law firm workflow streamlining.

Why I Picked ActionStep:

I chose ActionStep because of its robust feature set that makes law firm management smoother. This tool stands out for its comprehensive approach to law firm workflows. Its ability to handle everything from conflict check process, and case management, to accounting, makes it a top pick and makes it perfect for streamlining law firm workflows.

Standout Features & Integrations:

ActionStep's standout features include advanced task management, use conflict checking system, detailed reporting, and integrated accounting. These features provide a holistic view of your law firm and streamline operations. The software also offers useful integrations with API, Microsoft Office, Xero, SILQ, and InfoTrack, which makes data syncing easy and efficient.


ActionStep's pricing starts from $60/user/month (billed annually).


  • Comprehensive workflow management
  • Detailed reporting features
  • Robust accounting integration


  • Pricing might be high for smaller firms
  • Steep learning curve
  • Integration options could be expanded

2. Lawmatics - Best for client relationship management

conflict check feature in Lawmatics check software interface
Here's the conflict check feature in Lawmatics.

Lawmatics is a powerful software that focuses on automating law firm marketing and CRM activities. Its innovative approach makes it best for client relationship management, allowing law firms to nurture and grow their client base effectively.

Why I Picked Lawmatics:

I picked Lawmatics for its unique emphasis on legal CRM and marketing. It distinguishes itself with a feature set that combines client relationship management, marketing automation, and data analytics. This strong focus on managing and improving client relationships makes it best for CRM in a law firm setting.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Lawmatics offers advanced CRM features including client intake, email marketing, and analytics. These elements make it easier for law firms to maintain and improve client relations. Key integrations include Clio, Filevine, and LawPay, which further extend the capabilities of this software, allowing seamless information flow across various platforms.


Pricing for Lawmatics starts from $59/user/month.


  • Strong focus on CRM and marketing
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Seamless integrations with other legal tools


  • Lacks broader case management features
  • Steeper learning curve due to its advanced CRM capabilities
  • Higher starting price point may not suit smaller firms

3. Docketwise - Best for immigration case management

Docketwise conflict check software interface
Here's the Docketwise dashboard screenshot.

Docketwise is an intuitive legal software system specifically designed for managing immigration cases. With its suite of tools dedicated to this legal area, Docketwise stands out as the best for immigration case management.

Why I Picked Docketwise:

In the niche field of immigration law, Docketwise shines brightly. I chose this software due to its comprehensive features tailored for immigration case handling. The simplicity, precision, and thoroughness with which it manages immigration cases make it the best choice for this specific use case.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Among the key features of Docketwise are its form preparation tools, multilingual questionnaires, and smart analytics that help streamline immigration case processing. The software integrates well with platforms such as Clio, LawPay, and Dropbox, ensuring a smooth transfer of data and collaborative work.


Docketwise's pricing starts from $49/user/month (billed annually).


  • Tailored for immigration law
  • Easy form preparation
  • Useful integrations with other legal tools


  • Not suitable for other areas of law
  • Limited customization options
  • Relatively high starting price for smaller firms
billing feature in Centerbase conflict check software
Here's the billing feature in Centerbase.

Centerbase is a versatile legal software that allows firms to customize their management platform as per their unique needs. Its adaptability and customization options make it the best for personalized legal platform design.

Why I Picked Centerbase:

I found Centerbase to be a unique contender for its high level of customization options. Most software tools offer a fixed set of features, but Centerbase steps up the game, allowing law firms to design their own platform. This freedom to customize and adapt makes it the best choice for personalized legal platform design.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Centerbase provides powerful customization features allowing users to adapt their billing, case management, and CRM as per their needs. It integrates with popular platforms like Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, and LawPay, creating a seamless experience across commonly used tools in law firms.


Pricing for Centerbase starts from $52/user/month.


  • Customizable platform
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Suitable for firms of all sizes


  • Can be overwhelming for new users due to the extensive customization options
  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors
  • Customization may require additional technical knowledge

5. eIMMIGRATION - Best for immigration forms and compliance

eIMMIGRATION's case management feature
Here's eIMMIGRATION's case management feature.

eIMMIGRATION is a software tool that provides a comprehensive solution for immigration case management. It's specifically designed to streamline the process of completing immigration forms and ensuring compliance, which makes it the top choice for this purpose.


I picked eIMMIGRATION for this list because of its in-depth focus on immigration case management. Unlike other legal software, eIMMIGRATION offers features specifically tailored to immigration procedures, such as form preparation and compliance tracking. This level of specialization makes it the best choice for immigration forms and compliance.

Standout Features & Integrations:

eIMMIGRATION offers a range of features including form auto-filling, compliance tracking, and case management. It integrates seamlessly with USCIS, allowing automatic updates and easier case tracking. This software also provides integrations with calendar applications for scheduling and task management.


eIMMIGRATION's pricing starts from $99/user/month.


  • Specific focus on immigration
  • Auto-filling of immigration forms
  • Direct integration with USCIS


  • Pricier than some alternatives
  • Not suitable for other legal practice areas
  • The user interface may seem dated compared to newer platforms

6. Smokeball - Best for cloud-based case management

conflict-checking result feature in Smokeball
Here's the conflict-checking result feature in Smokeball.

Smokeball is a cloud-based legal practice management software, particularly geared toward small law firms. The tool is designed to streamline various aspects of case management, which solidifies its place as a prime solution for cloud-based case management.

Why I Picked Smokeball:

I chose Smokeball for this list because of its strong focus on case management and user-friendly cloud-based platform. It stands out with its automatic time and activity tracking feature, making it easier for firms to manage cases and track productivity. This distinction is why I believe Smokeball is best for cloud-based case management.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Smokeball shines with its automatic timekeeping document automation, conflict checks, and case management features. It integrates well with Microsoft Word and Outlook, allowing seamless correspondence and document creation. The software also provides integration with legal billing solutions, enhancing the billing and invoicing process.


Smokeball's pricing starts from $139/user/month (billed annually).


  • Robust case management features
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office
  • Excellent time and activity tracking


  • Expensive for solo practitioners and small firms
  • Steep learning curve for non-tech savvy users
  • Annual commitment might not be suitable for all firms
CosmoLex's action feature
Here's the CosmoLex action feature, which lets you see how to run a conflict check.

CosmoLex is a comprehensive legal practice management software with built-in accounting functionality. This platform focuses on the integration of case management and accounting, making it highly suitable for law firms that require a unified solution for these two crucial areas.

Why I Picked CosmoLex:

I chose CosmoLex for this list primarily because of its strong accounting features, which are fully integrated with its case management tools. This integration separates it from many of its peers, reinforcing why I consider it to be the best tool for integrated legal accounting.

Standout Features & Integrations:

CosmoLex provides excellent features like matter management, time and expense tracking, conflict checker, and particularly, legal accounting. The legal-specific accounting module handles trust accounting, operational accounting, and reconciliations all in one place. It integrates well with LawPay, enabling credit card processing, and with Microsoft Office 365, facilitating smoother document handling.


Pricing for CosmoLex starts from $79/user/month (billed annually), making it a budget-friendly option for law firms that need comprehensive features.


  • Fully integrated legal accounting
  • Integration with LawPay and Microsoft Office 365
  • Compliance with legal accounting regulations


  • Limited customization options
  • Might be expensive for solo practitioners
  • The interface may seem dated compared to other tools

8. App4Legal - Best for multilingual law firm management

client intake and management feature in App4Legal conflict check software
Here's the client intake and management feature in App4Legal.

App4Legal is a law practice management solution that offers an extensive range of features, including a client portal, task management, and document automation. What sets this platform apart, and justifies its title of "best for multilingual law firm management," is its multilingual interface, making it a top choice for international law firms or practices with diverse client bases.

Why I Picked App4Legal:

I selected App4Legal because of its wide range of features coupled with a multilingual interface. This unique characteristic allows for increased inclusivity, making it ideal for diverse teams and clients, hence my reasoning for considering it as the best for multilingual law firm management.

Standout Features & Integrations:

App4Legal offers robust features such as a client portal, which enhances communication with clients, and a powerful document automation tool. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with tools like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace, facilitating easy document and communication management.


App4Legal offers its services from $29/user/month. This is a competitive price for a comprehensive legal management solution that caters to diverse language needs.


  • Multilingual interface to accommodate diverse teams and clients
  • Robust integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace
  • Client portal for improved client communication


  • Learning curve due to the numerous features
  • Limited customization options
  • The user interface may seem less intuitive compared to other platforms

9. MyCase - Best for client communication and collaboration

case insight feature in MyCase conflict check software
Here's the screenshot of the case insight feature in MyCase.

MyCase is a comprehensive legal practice management and case management software that excels in improving communication and collaboration between law firms and their former clients and potential clients. This tool offers an all-in-one solution that manages case files, billing, and scheduling, with standout features designed for client communication and collaboration, making it the best for this specific purpose.

Why I Picked MyCase:

I chose MyCase for its excellent client communication and collaboration tools. These aspects stand out among other platforms, enhancing attorney-client relationships and making case handling more efficient. It is this emphasis on communication and collaboration that justifies its status as the best for client communication and collaboration.

Standout Features & Integrations:

MyCase provides an intuitive client portal that allows for secure messaging and sharing of case files and documents. It also features integrated billing and online payment tools, contributing to more efficient case management. The platform offers seamless integrations with other vital tools, such as QuickBooks for accounting and Gmail for communication.


MyCase is priced from $49/user/month. This pricing encompasses all the communication and collaboration features that enhance attorney-client interactions.


  • Exceptional client portal for communication and collaboration
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks and Gmail
  • Integrated billing and online payment tools


  • Interface may not be as visually appealing as competitors
  • No multilingual interface for international practices
  • Some users might find the mobile app less comprehensive than the web platform
Filevine's document management feature
Here's Filevine's document management feature.

Filevine is a cloud-based legal project management software that specializes in managing intricate legal projects, focusing on document management, communication, and task tracking. This particular emphasis on project management and organization makes Filevine the top choice for law firms seeking structured project management features.

Why I Picked Filevine:

I selected Filevine due to its superior approach to legal project management. It’s the most customizable conflict-checking case management solution designed for legal teams to get their best work done. Among many tools I compared, Filevine has a remarkable edge in creating a system that encourages organization and effective tracking of complex legal projects. Thus, it emerges as the best option for legal project management.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Filevine offers a suite of powerful features including a customizable case management dashboard, document automation, law firm conflict check, and a comprehensive task-tracking system. Its integration capabilities are also noteworthy. The software can seamlessly work with popular applications such as Dropbox for file sharing, G Suite for productivity, and Outlook for email communications.


The pricing for Filevine begins at $65/user/month. It's important to note that this cost accounts for the range of project management features available within the platform.


  • Tailored for legal project management with advanced features
  • Provides integrations with popular apps like Dropbox, G Suite, and Outlook
  • Customizable case management dashboard for personalized user experience


  • Higher starting price compared to some competitors
  • The interface might have a steep learning curve for some users
  • While integrations are strong, it may not cover all potential third-party apps a firm uses

11. PracticePanther - Best for time tracking and billing

billing system in PracticePanther
Here's the automated billing system in PracticePanther.

PracticePanther is a comprehensive legal management tool providing a suite of services, including case management, document management, and notably, advanced time tracking and legal billing software system. This strong focus on enabling efficient billing processes and precise time tracking makes it an excellent tool for law firms aiming to optimize these particular areas of operation.

Why I Picked PracticePanther:

Among various legal software tools, PracticePanther stood out to me because of its well-rounded time-tracking and billing system. The software simplifies these complex processes with its intuitive and powerful features. That's why I determined it to be the best choice for law firms looking to improve time tracking and billing.

Standout Features & Integrations:

PracticePanther provides a robust set of features, including a built-in timer for accurate time tracking, a secure client portal, and an automated billing system. It also offers important integrations with applications like LawPay for seamless payments, QuickBooks for accounting needs, and Google Calendar for efficient scheduling.


Pricing for PracticePanther starts from $49/user/month, with this base plan offering a full suite of features including advanced time-tracking and billing functionalities.


  • Robust time tracking and billing system
  • Wide range of integrations including LawPay, QuickBooks, and Google Calendar
  • Offers a secure client portal for enhanced client communication


  • While it offers a broad range of features, not all law firms might require this wide range
  • The user interface might take time to get used to
  • Some users might find the cost higher compared to other basic options
Clio's matter section
Here's Clio's matter section, which shows its case management feature.

Clio is a versatile legal management software offering a complete range of features, from case management and client intake to billing and time tracking. It is designed to cover all aspects of legal practice management, making it an excellent fit for law firms seeking an all-encompassing solution.

Why I Picked Clio:

I selected Clio for this list due to its impressive breadth of features and solid reputation in the legal tech field. It stands out in its ability to offer a comprehensive solution that can handle nearly every aspect of law firm operations. Consequently, I've determined it to be the best tool for comprehensive legal practice management.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Clio boasts a diverse range of features, including legal case management, client intake, billing, time tracking, and calendaring. It offers integrations with significant legal and productivity applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and QuickBooks, which can further augment its capabilities.


Clio's pricing starts from $39/user/month for the Starter plan, which includes essential features such as matter and document management, time tracking, and secure messaging.


  • Comprehensive feature set covering all aspects of legal practice management
  • Significant integrations with legal and productivity apps
  • Renowned for its user-friendly interface


  • The broad range of features may be overwhelming for some users
  • High-end features are available only in the more expensive tiers
  • Integration with some specific legal databases may not be available

Other Conflict Check Software

Below is a list of additional conflict check software that I shortlisted, but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. Amicus Attorney - Good for comprehensive case management
  2. Abacus Law - Good for large law firms seeking a customizable solution
  3. HoudiniESQ - Good for solo practitioners and small law firms
  4. iManage - Good for managing content and communication in law firms
  5. ActionStep - Good for integrated accounting and billing in law practices
  6. Casefox - Good for time tracking and case management in small to mid-sized firms
  7. Client Conflict Check - Good for fast conflict checks with a minimalist interface
  8. PerfectLaw Conflict of Interest - Good for advanced conflict checking and resolution
  9. RTG Conflicts - Good for quick and efficient conflict identification in small firms
  10. Intapp Conflicts - Good for large legal firms with extensive databases
  11. Matter365 - Good for conflict checks integrated with Microsoft 365
  12. ConflictCheck - Good for simple and straightforward conflict checks
  13. CloudifyLegal - Good for conflict checks within a cloud-based legal management system
  14. HealthStream Conflict of Interest - Good for healthcare organizations managing potential conflicts
  15. ZenCase - Good for conflict management within a comprehensive case management system

Selection Criteria for Conflict Check Software

In my search for the best conflict check software, I've evaluated dozens of tools, each offering a unique approach to conflict identification and resolution. In this process, I focused on specific functionality and criteria which, in my experience, are vital for effective and efficient conflict checking in legal practices.

Core Functionality

A competent conflict check software should enable you to:

  • Perform comprehensive conflict searches across all existing cases, contacts, and other related entities.
  • Organize and visualize conflict data in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Automate conflict resolution steps, such as notifications, documentation, and approval workflows.

Key Features

The following are some of the key features a good conflict check software should have:

  • Advanced Search Capabilities: The ability to perform detailed searches using multiple criteria can help identify even the most subtle conflicts.
  • Conflict Resolution Workflow: A feature that guides the user through the steps of addressing a conflict, from identification to resolution.
  • Integration with Case Management: This ensures all data is up to date and that conflicts can be identified at any stage of a case.
  • Conflict Reports: An effective tool should be able to generate reports detailing conflicts, their nature, and how they were resolved.


When choosing a conflict check software, the user experience should not be overlooked. Here's what I was looking for:

  • Intuitive Interface: For a tool to be truly useful, it needs to be easy to navigate. This means clearly labeled functions, straightforward search mechanisms, and clean visual design.
  • Quick Onboarding: The software should be easy to set up and integrate with existing systems, with clear instructions and tutorials available.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Especially for larger practices, having responsive customer support is a must. Whether it's a technical issue or a question about functionality, users should be able to get the help they need swiftly.
  • Role-Based Access: A feature particularly important in large law firms where different roles need access to different levels of information. The process to configure this access should be simple and straightforward.

Most Common Questions about Conflict Check Software

What are the benefits of using conflict check software?

Using conflict check software can significantly streamline the process of identifying and addressing conflicts of interest in legal practice. The main benefits include:

  1. Efficiency: Automated conflict searches save time and resources, particularly in larger firms with multiple clients and cases.
  2. Accuracy: These tools use complex algorithms to identify potential conflicts that may be overlooked in manual checks.
  3. Compliance: The software helps maintain ethical standards and compliance with legal regulations by ensuring conflicts are properly addressed.
  4. Record Keeping: Conflict check software often includes features for tracking and recording conflict resolution processes, providing an audit trail if required.
  5. Integration: Many conflict check software can integrate with case management and other systems, ensuring up-to-date and comprehensive data.

How much do conflict-check software tools typically cost?

The cost of conflict check software varies greatly depending on the tool, its features, and the size of your firm.

What are the typical pricing models for conflict check software?

Pricing models for conflict check software typically include subscription-based models, which can be monthly or annually. Some also have tiered pricing, where the cost depends on the number of users or the number of features included.

What is the typical range of pricing for conflict check software?

The pricing can range from as low as $10 per user per month for the most basic plans, up to several hundred dollars per user per month for premium plans with advanced features and larger user capacity.

Which are the cheapest and most expensive conflict check software?

While pricing can vary widely, as of my last update, Casefox tends to be on the more affordable end of the scale and iManage on the higher end. Remember that price doesn't always equate to value, and the best software for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Are there any free conflict check software options?

While there are some free or open-source legal software options available, they often do not include a robust conflict check feature. However, many paid conflict check software offer free trials, which can be a good way to assess the tool's functionality before committing to a purchase.

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In conclusion, conflict check software serves a critical function in law firms and other organizations where conflicts of interest could cause significant problems. It not only improves efficiency and accuracy but also aids in compliance with ethical standards and regulations. However, with a variety of options available, making the right choice can be challenging.

Here are three key takeaways from this guide:

  1. Identify your needs: Different conflict check software cater to different needs. Some excel in comprehensive legal practice management, and others in legal project management, or time tracking and billing. Identify what you need the most in your practice, and choose the software that best serves those needs.
  2. Evaluate Key Features and Usability: Look beyond the basic conflict-checking functionality and evaluate other key features that the software offers. Additionally, consider the usability of the software. It should be easy to use and integrate with your existing systems.
  3. Consider your budget: Conflict check software comes with varying price tags. While some software may offer more features, they may also come at a higher cost. Choose a software that fits within your budget but also offers the key features you need for your practice.

What Do You Think?

If you know of other great conflict check software that didn't make it to this list, I'd love to hear from you. Your suggestions could benefit others in their search for the right tool. Feel free to share your recommendations and experiences. Your input is highly valuable and appreciated!

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