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With decades in legal tech, I've seen, used, and evaluated numerous practice management tools. In this HighQ review, I offer an in-depth look at this legal practice management software. You'll get straightforward insights into its features, user interface, and performance. My aim is to arm you with all the information you need to decide if HighQ is the right choice for your practice.

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Get all the detailed information about your professional activity

HighQ Product Overview

HighQ offers law firms a tool for legal practice management, customer relations, and document automation. Primarily targeting legal professionals in medium to large-scale law firms, it seeks to streamline legal operations. The tool solves key pain points like inefficient workflow, limited permissions control, and disjointed document management. Its best features include HighQ Collaborate, which allows real-time teamwork, an advanced permissions system for granular control, and machine learning capabilities for predictive analytics.


  • Collaboration: HighQ Collaborate enables law firms to work in real time, enhancing workflow and user experience.
  • Permissions: Offers detailed permissions settings, giving legal professionals control over document and content management.
  • Machine Learning: Incorporates machine learning to assist in due diligence, automating repetitive tasks and providing value for money.


  • Pricing: The pricing structure can be complex, requiring careful review to understand the full cost.
  • API Limitations: While it supports API, it's not as flexible in its integrations as some other platforms.
  • Onboarding: Ease of use can be a hurdle initially; the feature-rich environment necessitates a more thorough onboarding process.

Expert Opinion

When judging HighQ against its competitors, several factors come to mind. Functionality is robust, customer support is generally responsive, and the software offers a range of integrations including Microsoft and project management tools. However, its pricing can be a drawback for smaller firms, and the initial onboarding could be smoother.

It's strong in areas like document management and legal services automation, but less so in API flexibility. In my opinion, HighQ excels for larger law firms that can capitalize on its advanced features like HighQ Collaborate and machine learning. Smaller firms may find the pricing and feature set less appealing.

HighQ: The Bottom Line

What sets HighQ apart are its robust machine learning capabilities and HighQ Collaborate feature, which many competitors can't match. It offers granular permissions controls and real-time collaboration, standing out as a powerful choice for legal professionals. Noteworthy features include a virtual data room, extensive templates for document and contract management, and a well-maintained knowledge base for customer support.

HighQ Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Case Management: Yes
  2. Time Tracking: Yes
  3. Billing and Invoicing: Yes
  4. Document Management: Yes
  5. Client Portal: Yes
  6. Calendaring: Yes
  7. Email Integration: Yes
  8. Task Management: Yes
  9. Workflow Automation: Yes
  10. Customizable Templates: Yes
  11. Contract Management: Yes
  12. File Sharing: Yes
  13. Reporting: Yes
  14. Document Automation: Yes
  15. Legal Research Integration: No
  16. User Permissions: Yes
  17. Virtual Data Room: Yes
  18. Real-Time Collaboration: Yes
  19. Machine Learning: Yes
  20. Due Diligence Support: Yes
  21. Financial Management: No
  22. Knowledge Base: Yes
  23. API: Yes
  24. CRM: No
  25. Secure Messaging: Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Document Management: HighQ offers sophisticated document management tools that handle versioning and permissions with finesse.
  2. Workflow Automation: Streamline processes across your law practice, making tasks like case assignment more efficient.
  3. Client Portal: A secure, user-friendly space where clients can upload documents and communicate directly with lawyers.
  4. Real-Time Collaboration: HighQ Collaborate takes teamwork up a notch by allowing multiple users to work on documents in real-time.
  5. User Permissions: You can specify who has access to what, down to the smallest detail.
  6. Machine Learning: Features like automated tagging and categorization improve due diligence and contract management.
  7. Task Management: Assign, monitor, and manage tasks related to specific cases or clients.
  8. File Sharing: Beyond simple sharing, HighQ offers a virtual data room for secure, complex transactions.
  9. Customizable Templates: Legal professionals can swiftly generate contracts and documents using an extensive range of templates.
  10. Virtual Data Room: A highly secure environment for storing and sharing sensitive documents like contracts and financial information.
highq software shows statistics on your clients, cases, finances, and other aspects of your profession
View statistics on your clients, cases, finances, and other aspects of your profession in HighQ.

Standout Functionality

  1. Machine Learning for Due Diligence: HighQ incorporates machine learning into its document and contract management, a feature not commonly seen in competing software.
  2. HighQ Collaborate: Most management software offers some form of collaboration, but HighQ takes this a step further with real-time, multi-user editing and notifications.
  3. Granular User Permissions: HighQ provides a level of detail in user permissions that's typically not available in other legal practice management software.


  • Microsoft Office: Native integration allows for a seamless workflow between HighQ and MS Office tools.
  • Project Management Tools: Integrates with tools like Asana and Trello.
  • API: Yes, offers API for custom integrations.


Pricing information is not transparent and is generally provided upon request. Comparable tools in terms of features often come at a similar or lower price point. Keep in mind there may be additional costs for premium features or advanced support.

  • Basic Tier: Pricing upon request. This tier covers essential features like document management and file sharing.
  • Professional Tier: Pricing upon request. Adds workflow automation, real-time collaboration, and more.
  • Enterprise Tier: Pricing upon request. Includes advanced features like machine learning and a virtual data room.

Ease of Use

Navigating through HighQ is generally intuitive, thanks to a clean user interface. However, the depth of features and options could overwhelm new users. Onboarding is straightforward but can get complicated if you're aiming to take full advantage of all the functionalities like machine learning and granular permissions.

Customer Support

HighQ offers a range of customer support channels, including live chat, webinars, and a comprehensive knowledge base. Despite these resources, some users report delayed response times, especially when dealing with complex queries or issues.

HighQ Use Case

Who would be a good fit for HighQ?

HighQ tends to attract law firms and legal departments in larger corporations where a wide array of functionalities, from document management to real-time collaboration, is essential. These are environments with multi-faceted projects requiring significant coordination among various legal professionals.

Who would be a bad fit for  HighQ?

Smaller law firms or solo practitioners might find HighQ too complex and feature-heavy. Industries with less need for heavy-duty document management and secure file sharing may also find the tool not aligned with their simpler requirements.

HighQ FAQs

What does HighQ offer in terms of document management?

HighQ provides a robust document management system with versioning and permissions.

Is there a native integration with Microsoft Office?

Yes, HighQ offers native integration with Microsoft Office tools.

Does HighQ offer machine learning capabilities?

Machine learning is integrated, mainly to aid in document categorization and due diligence.

What types of customer support does HighQ offer?

HighQ offers webinars, live chat, and a knowledge base for customer support.

Is API integration available with HighQ?

Yes, HighQ offers API for custom integrations.

How customizable is the user experience in HighQ?

HighQ allows for extensive customization, including templates and granular permissions.

Does HighQ offer real-time collaboration?

Yes, HighQ offers real-time collaboration through HighQ Collaborate.

What kind of pricing plans does HighQ offer?

Pricing information is typically available upon request and can vary based on features.

Alternatives to HighQ

  • Clio: Known for its simplicity and ease of use, better suited for smaller law firms.
  • MyCase: Offers robust client communication portals, an area where it edges out HighQ.
  • Rocket Matter: Specializes in time-tracking and invoicing, providing an efficient financial management solution.

HighQ Company Overview & History

Thomson Reuters owns HighQ, a company that specializes in providing high-level legal practice management solutions. The HQ is located in London, UK. Notable board members include executives from Thomson Reuters. Their mission is to provide legal professionals with state-of-the-art tools for document management, collaboration, and workflow automation. Significant milestones include the integration of machine learning features and the introduction of HighQ Collaborate.


Navigating through the array of legal practice management software can be daunting. HighQ offers a comprehensive suite of features that meet the needs of complex and large-scale legal environments. However, it may not be the best fit for smaller operations. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments and visit our legal tools section for other reviews of different legal practice management software.

By Ben Aston

Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed.

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