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With decades of experience in legal tech, I know what professionals in this field are looking for in software. In this PerfectLaw Software review, I will provide a detailed analysis of its features, usability, and overall functionality. Whether you are an established firm or a solo practitioner, this review will equip you with the information you need to decide if this software is the right fit for your needs.

perfectlaw software review showing the tool's features
With PerfectLaw you get access to different tools that will help you manage your legal cases.

PerfectLaw Product Overview

PerfectLaw Legal Software is designed to assist law firms in managing their cases, documents, and financials. Targeted at medium to large law firms, it aims to streamline workflow and enhance collaboration among legal professionals. The tool offers benefits such as improved efficiency, time-saving features, and centralized information access, tackling pain points such as scattered data and cumbersome manual processes. Its best features include robust document management, comprehensive billing capabilities, and powerful integration with various legal research tools.


  • Integration: PerfectLaw offers strong integration with various research tools, enhancing the research process and making case preparation more efficient.
  • Document Management: The software provides a comprehensive document management system that organizes and stores all relevant legal documents in one central location.
  • Billing Capability: PerfectLaw’s detailed billing features allow law firms to monitor, track, and manage financial transactions effortlessly.


  • Learning Curve: PerfectLaw can be challenging to learn, requiring substantial time and training to master.
  • Customization Limitations: The software might lack the flexibility needed for specific customization that some firms may require.
  • Limited Support: Some users have reported a lack of responsive customer support, possibly affecting the timely resolution of issues.

Expert Opinion

In comparing PerfectLaw with other legal software in the market, it exhibits both strengths and weaknesses. Its robust document management and integration capabilities make it stand out, offering functionalities that cater well to the needs of medium to large law firms.

However, its learning curve, limited customization options, and sometimes unresponsive support may hinder its applicability for some users. Determining its suitability involves judging its features in alignment with the specific needs of the firm, but it outperforms many competitors in terms of comprehensive billing and research integration. PerfectLaw is best suited for firms seeking advanced functionalities and is prepared to invest time in learning the system.

PerfectLaw: The Bottom Line

What makes PerfectLaw software unique compared to similar software is its robust combination of features tailored for legal professionals. It offers an advanced document management system and detailed billing capabilities that are designed with the specific needs of law firms in mind. Its integration with various legal research tools allows for a more comprehensive and efficient workflow. While it's not without its drawbacks, the way PerfectLaw centralizes information access and streamlines multiple aspects of legal practice makes it a noteworthy option in the field of legal tech.

PerfectLaw Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Case Management - Yes
  2. Document Assembly and Management - Yes
  3. Billing & Invoicing - Yes
  4. Client Portal - Yes
  5. Time Entry and Tracking - Yes
  6. Calendaring - Yes
  7. Task Management - Yes
  8. Contact Management - Yes
  9. Expense Tracking - No
  10. Legal Research Integration - Yes
  11. Contract Management - Yes
  12. Email Integration - Yes
  13. Conflict Checking - Yes
  14. Mobile Access - Yes (Android, iOS)
  15. Reporting & Analytics - Yes
  16. Workflow Automation - Yes
  17. Trust Accounting - No
  18. E-signature Capability - Yes
  19. Integration with Microsoft Office - Yes
  20. Multi-User Collaboration - Yes
  21. Compliance Management - No
  22. Reminders & Notifications - Yes
  23. Data Security - Yes
  24. Docket - Yes
  25. Client Communication Tools - Yes
  26. Multi-Currency Support - No

Feature Overview

  1. Case Management: PerfectLaw organizes all case-related information. This feature stands out with its streamlined access and collaboration.
  2. Document Management: Centralization of legal documents makes retrieval and collaboration simple and unique.
  3. Billing & Invoicing: PerfectLaw offers a detailed timekeeper tool and management of financial transactions, differentiating itself with sophisticated management.
  4. Legal Research Integration: This feature enhances efficiency in preparing cases, standing out with integration to various legal research tools.
  5. Calendaring: Unified calendaring system ensures appointments and deadlines are easily tracked, offering unique organization.
  6. Workflow Automation: This feature automates routine tasks and is unique in freeing up valuable time.
  7. E-signature Capability: Allows digital signing of documents, a standout feature for streamlining the approval and permissions process.
  8. Mobile Access: Unique mobile access ensures important information is available from anywhere.
  9. Data Security: Robust security protocols keep information secure, making this feature standout in protection.
  10. Multi-User Collaboration: Allows real-time collaboration, promoting efficiency with its unique collaboration capabilities.

Standout Functionality

  1. Document Management: Robust features for organizing, storing, and retrieving documents of different formats in a central location, unlike many other tools. It allows you to implement a paperless workflow.
  2. Legal Research Integration: Offers integration with various legal research tools, providing comprehensive and efficient legal research that other software may not provide.
  3. Billing Capability: The detailed billing features set PerfectLaw apart with sophisticated financial transaction management tailored for law firms.


PerfectLaw provides native integrations with Microsoft Office and legal research tools. These integrations facilitate streamlined document creation and comprehensive legal research. PerfectLaw also offers an API for custom integrations and supports add-ons to extend its capabilities.


Pricing information for PerfectLaw is upon request. It is essential to consult directly with the provider to determine the costs and available features for each pricing tier.

Ease of Use

I find that this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers a robust set of features, leading to complexity in the user interface. The onboarding process might require training, and navigation can be difficult in some sections of the tool.

Customer Support

I experience that customer support for PerfectLaw lacks responsiveness. Channels like documentation and webinars are available, but slow response times are a common frustration. Other user reviews reflect the same experience.

PerfectLaw Case

Who would be a good fit for PerfectLaw?

I see that web-based software is particularly suited for mid-sized to large law firms that require a comprehensive suite of legal management tools. Its document management, billing, and case management features are especially popular among firms that manage multiple complex cases. The most loyal and avid customers are those in the legal profession, including attorneys and legal administrators who need a powerful tool for collaboration, organization, and efficiency in the legal process. PerfectLaw seems to excel in environments that need seamless integration of various legal functionalities in one platform.

Who would be a bad fit for PerfectLaw?

I find that a small law office or solo practitioners who need basic legal management tools may find PerfectLaw overwhelming. Its extensive features and associated costs might be excessive for small-scale operations. Businesses outside the legal industry or those without specific legal needs might find the software irrelevant or too specialized for their use.

PerfectLaw FAQs

What are the main functionalities of PerfectLaw?

The platform offers a wide range of functionalities including case management, document management, billing and invoicing, calendaring, legal research integration, mobile access, and more.

Is PerfectLaw suitable for small law firms?

PerfectLaw's extensive features and costs might make it less suitable for small law firms or solo practitioners who require only basic legal management tools.

Does PerfectLaw offer a mobile version?

Yes, PerfectLaw offers mobile access, allowing users to access important information from anywhere.

What kind of customer support does PerfectLaw provide?

PerfectLaw offers various support channels, including documentation and webinars, but users have reported slow response times.

Is PerfectLaw secure?

Yes, PerfectLaw employs robust security protocols to keep information secure.

Can I integrate PerfectLaw with other software?

Yes, PerfectLaw offers native integrations with Microsoft Office and legal research tools, along with an API for custom integrations.

How is PerfectLaw's ease of use?

PerfectLaw provides a complex set of features that may require training for efficient use.

Is there a free tier for PerfectLaw?

Pricing information, including details on a free tier, should be obtained directly from PerfectLaw.

Alternatives to PerfectLaw

  • Clio: Known for its user-friendly interface and perfect for small to mid-sized law firms. Learn more about Clio in my in-depth review of the tool.
  • MyCase: Offers strong client communication tools making it suitable for customer-centric firms. See the benefits of using it in this MyCase review.
  • TimeSolv: Best for those who need robust time tracking and billing capabilities.

PerfectLaw Company Overview & History

PerfectLaw is an all-in-one legal software company providing comprehensive solutions for law firms. Many mid-sized to large law firms across various jurisdictions use its software. It is a privately-held company, and the information about ownership is not widely disclosed. The headquarters is located in Miami, US. The company's mission statement emphasizes innovation, efficiency, and empowering legal professionals. Its history includes continuous updates and innovations to meet the changing needs of the legal industry.


PerfectLaw offers a wide array of features tailored for legal professionals, particularly in mid-sized to large firms. While it might not be suitable for smaller practices, its comprehensive functionalities can provide an all-encompassing solution for many legal needs.

If your organization requires a extensive legal practice management software, I have reviewed many other tools like PerfectLaw. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts on this platform.

By Ben Aston

Ben Aston is an online media entrepreneur and founder of Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed.

Since 2011, he has been evaluating, reviewing, and helping to recommend software through hundreds of articles across the company's influential digital publications, seeking to make technical workplace topics fun and easier to understand.